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Offroad Dreaming is a small family run Business.  We look forward to sharing the best of the Northern Territory with you, on our Professionally Guided Tours.  

You can use the Book Now button above, to book your Day Tour.

Or for Private Charter enquiries:

Call us on +61 (0)8 8931 2021

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We look forward to hearing from you.

ABN 35 805 027 289


+61(0)8 8931 2021, +61(0)408 799 029, +61(0)409 251 500


We thank you for booking with Offroad Dreaming.

Please see detailed below our Terms & Conditions

Northern Territory Conditions:

Weather can reach temperatures in the 30s and 40s.

Heavy rains and flash flooding can occur.

Strong winds and lighting may accompany the rains.

Night temperatures can be cool in comparison.

If at any point the Climactic conditions are causing a problem, please advise your Guide immediately.

Itineraries and transport may be altered without notice to react to Seasonal conditions.

Recommended what to Bring

Our recommendations of what to bring are listed below but not limited to:

Sunscreen 30+

Insect repellent

Sun hat

Walking shoes


Swimwear inlcuding towel

Lightweight waterproof clothing (October to March)

Lightweight jumper (March to October)


Offroad Dreaming supply drinking water

Please bring a refillable water bottle

Northern Territory recommendations are to drink at least one litre of water per hour of activity

Please advise your Guide immediately should your drinking water supply run low.

Physical Requirements

You are responsible to advise Offroad Dreaming in advance of your Tour, of any Health or fitness requirements you have.

If possible, Offroad Dreaming will make arrangements to accommodate these requirements.

If requirements are not alerted to Offroad Dreaming in advance or are not possible to be catered for, the Tour may need to be cancelled.

Dietry Requirements

You are responsible to advise Offroad Dreaming of any Dietary requirements in advance of your Tour.

Where possible Offroad Dreaming will accommodate for these.

Cultural Respect

You are responsible to advise Offroad Dreaming in advance of your Tour of any Cultural or Religious practises that may affect you or any other Guests participation in any part of the Tour.

Offroad Dreaming whilst respecting your views, may not always be able to alter every part of your itinerary in accordance with these.


Offroad Dreaming reserve the right to alter any itinerary.

Cultural, Road and Seasonal conditions may all affect a change to your itinerary.

Where possible Offroad Dreaming will advise you in advance of changes.


Do not approach wildlife.

This may affect the habitual insticts of the Wild animals, where Offroad Dreaming is not responsible for their behaviour.

Wild animals should be respected from a distance.

Please do not chase or feed the animals.

Promotional Material

Offroad Dreaming reserve the right to take photos whilst on Tour.

If you prefer photos of yourself and your family, not to be used by Offroad Dreaming for any Social Media or promotional Material, please advise Offroad Dreaming in advance of your Tour.

You are welcome to send your photos to Offroad Dreaming.  Please be advised these may be used for Social Media posts or promotional material.


Offroad Dreaming undertake regular maintenance on their vehicles.

Breakdown of the vehicle, or part of the vehicle that occurs whilst out on the road is unforseen and accidental.

Offroad Dreaming will undertake on the spot repairs or replacement of vehicles where it is possible to do so.

General Behaviour

You are responsible for your own behaviour.

Courtesy and country laws apply whilst on Offroad Dreaming Tours.

Offroad Dreaming reserve the right to remove anyone from Tour, or refuse to take on Tour anyone who's behaviour does not comply with their behavioural standards.

The behaviour of any other person, or any other Business is not the responsibility of Offroad Dreaming. 

Travel Insurance

You are responsible for organising your own comprehensive Travel insurance prior to travelling with Offroad Dreaming.

Offroad Dreaming advise that activities on Offroad Dreaming Tours involve risks. By agreeing to participate in the Tour you are releasing Offroad Dreaming and its contractors from any liability for claims extending to but not limited to, losses, damages or expenses caused by anything but not limited to personal injury, death, accident, emotional or nervous disorder, delay, property loss or damage which occurs during any such activity.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint during your Tour, please advise your Guide immediately, so Offroad Dreaming can try to rectify the problem.

If you have a complaint with your correspondance or organisation of your Tour, please advise Offroad Dreaming within 10 days of your return from Tour.

You are welcome to review Offroad Dreaming on internet review sites.  Offroad Dreaming would not try to alter the content of your review either during or after a tour.  We appreciate the honesty of Review sites, as do future travellers.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

To confirm your booking on our scheduled Tours 100% must be paid at time of making a reservation.  Payments can be made by cash, credit card or on our online Website booking portal. Credit card details can be given in person or by phone only or through our online booking portal.

To confirm your Private Charter booking a 30% deposit must be paid at the time of reservation.  The remaining 70% must be paid at least 7 days prior to your Tour Departure date.  Payments can be made by cash, by credit card or bank transfer.  When the itinerary and price is agreed, your Tour will be created on our online booking portal, through our website, and we will send you the link to make the reservation and payments.  If you are not booking online, an Invoice will be sent with our Bank Details attached, for a direct transfer.

Offroad Dreaming reserve the right to cancel your Tour if monies owing are not received within the times specified above.  If you cancel your Tour within 30 days of your Tour departure date Offroad Dreaming reserves the right to retain your deposit.  If you cancel your Tour within 3 days of your Tour departure date Offroad Dreaming reserves the right to retain the full amount. 

All cancellations will be reviewed for their own individual circumstances and Offroad Dreaming reserve the right to refund or not, any monies already paid.

A refund will not be given for any reasons that cause an itinerary change.

If a Tour is cancelled due to any unforseen circumstance, Offroad Dreaming reserve the right to try and amend or re-schedule your Tour - a refund is not automatically given.

There are no refunds once travel has commenced or for any unused services.

Failure to board constitutes No Refund.

Site Mailing List 


Neville and Yvonne

Northern Territory


Bookings: 08 8931 2021

Bookings Email:  bookings@offroaddreaming.com.au

Information/ Queries:

Email: info@offroaddreaming.com.au

Phone: +61 (0) 408 799 029


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