How long do you need in Kakadu?

In this video, Dan and Neville discuss the ideal duration for a trip to Kakadu National Park. Dan suggests that three days is the minimum time needed to fully experience the artwork, hiking, swimming, and wildlife in the area. 

However, he also mentions that if someone has more time available, five days would be better but still insufficient to see all the sights. Neville agrees and emphasizes that the duration of the trip depends on personal circumstances, but generally, three days should be the minimum. 

Deb and Mike also discussed Kakadu and its recommended visit duration. Mike suggests a week to cover all aspects of the location but acknowledges that it could potentially take a lifetime to see everything. 

Deb agrees that a week is ideal, but acknowledges that some people may have time constraints and recommends a day tour as an introduction to the location. She suggests returning for a more extended visit later to explore further. 

Both Mike and Deb emphasize the vastness and variety of the location, highlighting the need for more time to fully appreciate it.