Explore Kakadu’s hidden gems as tour guides reveal their favourite spots.

In this video tour guides Deb and Mike discussed their favourite secret spots in Kakadu during tours. Deb favoured Nanguluwurr, mentioning its uniqueness due to the limited footfall of tourists and its historical significance with accessible rock paintings that tell stories from the 1640s. It also offers a multi-faceted experience, ranging from nature and wildlife to history, and is connected to Nourlangie, another iconic site. Mike agreed that it would be an excellent location to explore on a multi-day tour.

In another conversation, Leigh and Yvonne conversed about their preferred hidden gems. Yvonne mentioned the old Jim Jim homestead and Cannon Hill, pointing out that many tour guides are unaware of the Jim Jim location. She also praised Hawk Dreaming. Leigh shared his preference for the old Jim Jim Road, emphasizing the rich wildlife experience early in the morning or late in the evening, particularly when traveling through the South Alligator River. Both Leigh and Yvonne agreed that taking the less-travelled routes often provides a more authentic outback experience.

Neville and Dan, in their dialogue, focused on the secret and lesser-known areas of Kakadu. Dan highlighted the significance of paintings off the mainstream tracks, which he and Neville have been shown by their Indigenous friends. These sites offer a unique experience for visitors as they might be viewing something not seen by many. However, Neville mentioned Ubirr, acknowledging its popularity but also pointing out the ease of the walk, the diverse rock art, and the breathtaking view over the floodplains. Dan concurred, noting the diverse vegetation of the region and the overall offerings of Ubirr.