Tour guides reveal: If limited to one day in Litchfield, where would they go?

In this video Deb and Mike discussed how to best spend a day in Litchfield. Mike stated he would visit multiple places: Wangi Falls, Florence Falls, and Buley Rockhole, while also taking time to appreciate the famous termite mounds. Deb agreed, emphasizing the importance of experiencing the landscape’s nature, taking a swim, and strolling around. She believed that visitors shouldn’t restrict themselves to just one place but should explore multiple spots in a day. 

Yvonne and Leigh also shared their Litchfield favourites. Leigh’s top choice was Wangi Falls, highlighting its status as the largest waterfall that flows continuously and offers a swimming experience once crocodiles are cleared. Yvonne acknowledged Wangi’s popularity but pointed out its crowded nature. She revealed her secret spot: the walk between Buley and Florence, which boasts hidden waterholes and waterfalls. Yvonne preferred to show her friends these secluded spots, while Leigh leaned more towards mainstream attractions.

In another conversation, Neville and Dan exchanged their top Litchfield spots. Dan would prefer to relax in the Buley and Florence area, mentioning the creek walk in between and the monsoon rain forest walk. Neville concurred but added he’d also try to visit Green Ant Creek, highlighting its beautiful walk and the fact that it’s not too crowded.