Kakadu or Katherine Gorge?

In this video, our guide’s conversation revolves around the choice between Katherine Gorge and Kakadu as destinations in the Northern Territory.

Mike prefers Kakadu due to its extensive exploration opportunities, while Deb acknowledges the beauty of Katherine Gorge but agrees that Kakadu offers more. They discuss the hiking, boating, and camping experiences available in both locations.

Deb highlights the sandstone cliffs and the sense of insignificance they evoke at Katherine Gorge. They also mention the cultural significance of both places.

Leigh and Yvonne express their admiration for both destinations, with Leigh emphasizing the variety of activities in Katherine Gorge and Yvonne praising the vastness and diversity of Kakadu.

Dan and Neville discuss the differences between the two locations, including the extended hikes in Katherine Gorge and the potential for mountain biking trails in Kakadu.

They mention the accessibility and the probability of spotting freshwater crocodiles.

Despite the difficulty in choosing, they agree that both destinations complement each other and recommend experiencing all three destinations together for a comprehensive Top End trip.