Kakadu – You’ve got one day…. where are you going?

In this video, Deb and Mike discuss the significance of Aboriginal rock paintings in Kakadu and the importance of understanding the history and stories behind them.

They emphasize the value of learning directly from the local artists and people, highlighting their knowledge and the enriching experience it provides. They both appreciate the spirit and cultural depth present in Kakadu.

Leigh and Yvonne express their fondness for Nourlangie Rock and its lookout, appreciating the expansive view of the sandstone country. They mention the presence of dreaming sites and captivating stories in the area.

Dan and Neville discuss their preferences for exploring Kakadu. Dan suggests Twin Falls for its adventurous nature and the all-day experience it offers. Neville leans towards Nourlangie or Ubirr for the cultural experience and rock art.

They acknowledge the different perspectives when considering taking someone to Kakadu versus personal preferences, agreeing that both perspectives have their merits.