Where to get the best photo in Kakadu – even for amateurs.

In this video, Deb and Mike discuss a question about where a person with no photography skills can go in Kakadu to capture a stunning image.

Mike explains that the answer depends on the specific image they are after, as lighting and location play crucial roles. He emphasizes that there is no right or wrong time of day or location for photography in Kakadu.

However, Deb, having a photography background, suggests that the best time of day for photography is sunrise or sunset, during the golden hour. She recommends Ubirr Rock in the north of Kakadu as an iconic location with breathtaking sunsets over the floodplains.

Dan and Neville also discuss the same question, and Neville mentions that the choice of location depends on the person’s preferences. They discuss various options like helicopter rides, lookout points, and specific spots like Nawurlandja and Ubirr with opportunities for capturing storms, lightning, and different times of the day.

Dan even humorously suggests taking a photo of himself in front of a work vehicle.

Lastly, Leigh and Yvonne agree that Ubirr at sunset is a stunning location for photography, with its 360-degree views, vibrant colours, wetland area, and escarpment in the background. They emphasize that one doesn’t need to be an expert to capture a good photo there.