The lesser known spots in Litchfield National Park you have to get to.

In this video tour Guides, Mike and Deb discuss lesser-known spots in Litchfield that surprise visitors. Mike initially asks about such spots, and Deb suggests Tolmer and Surprise Creek. They both express admiration for Tolmer Falls Lookout, highlighting its stunning views, cattle country history, and the impressive bat caves. Mike mentions Surprise Creek Falls as his choice, which requires a four-wheel drive trip. They also mention The Lost City, a natural formation resembling a mini Stonehenge, jokingly speculating about its origin.

Leigh and Yvonne join the discussion on lesser-known spots in Litchfield. They mention Green Ant Creek, the upper pools of Cascades, and the Walker Creek area as beautiful and less explored locations. They note that many visitors tend to focus on the main waterholes and overlook these off-the-track spots. Leigh specifically mentions Surprise Creek and the hidden waterfall at the top of Cascades that often goes unnoticed.

Dan and Neville share their insights on lesser-known spots in Litchfield. Dan suggests Green Ant Creek as an interesting spot, while Neville mentions a personal surprise that occurs off the beaten path. They both agree that the series of pools near Buley Rockhole is a great lesser-known spot, though Dan jokes that by discussing it in the video, it may no longer be a secret.

Overall, these conversations highlight various lesser-known spots in Litchfield that surprise and impress visitors. Each discussion introduces unique locations with their own distinct features, such as waterfalls, caves, historical significance, and natural formations. The participants share their personal preferences, showcasing the diversity of lesser-known attractions in Litchfield and encouraging exploration beyond the popular tourist sites.