Most challenging thing about being a tour guide in the Top End?

In this video, the guides discuss the most challenging things about tour guiding in the Top End.

Leigh and Yvonne discuss the challenges of being tour guides in the Northern Territory. They mention that the heat can be difficult for both the tourists and themselves. They also talk about long distances and drives, which can be tiring. Yvonne mentions that taking people hiking in hot weather can be challenging. Leigh raises the question of keeping the group together, and Yvonne suggests jokingly that it’s acceptable to lose 10% to crocodile attacks to keep everyone in check. They agree that group control can be a challenge, especially with the presence of crocodiles.

Deb and Mike also discuss the weather being arguably the most challenging aspect, particularly for visitors who aren’t used to it. They mention the prevalence of flies in the region and how it can be challenging, especially for international guests. They note that Kakadu has fewer flies compared to other places but mosquitoes can be an issue at certain times of the year.

Dan and Neville shift the focus to their experience as tour guides. They express their enjoyment of the job and look forward to it daily. They discuss the importance of keeping themselves physically fit for demanding drives and looking after others in these conditions. They also mention that the wet season can be challenging to attract enough visitors, as people often assume it rains constantly. However, they note that the recent (January 2023) rainfall has made the weather pleasant and even cool at times.